Behind an exceptional service

eSpreading made in Italy from the art capital of Milan throughout the entire world. This is a dream, with its origin in our craftsmanship and quality with no borders. A story of such intense research and creation with its roots in the DNA of international design. Our timeless craftsmanship and creative force has revolutionized the rules of custom-made for almost a century, to provide an overwhelming experience.


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The support of an international network

Since the “first contact”, trough our website, our social network or visiting one of our 11 showroom, a team of experts will guide you, whatever is your language, in the Made in Italy world of INTERNI.
An international network, since ever a landmark on sale, design and furniture of homes and offices.

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Limitless boundaries

Everywhere you are, everything you wish

The INTERNI network crosses 5 continents, 169 states and 1.842 cities.
Our experts speak your language and they reach you in your own country, they will guide you through every stage of your project, they create a journey through materials and styles that matches your culture and requirements, saving your precious time.

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Satisfy each need

The best of design always at your disposal

You will be given a choice stretching to unimaginable horizons and providing you a service, offering all the best of Italian art and design.
The Interni professionals will work together with you to create unprecedented panoramas of design. Our skilled architects work side by side with a team of specialists to create ambitious projects, and constantly coming up with new solutions ways to satisfy your tastes.

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Design approach

A perfect custom made project

Our expert architects or a “maestro of world architecture” will help you to realize a project entirely made for you, we also daily collaborate with architectural firm.
We grant all the assistance needed to realize a custom made project, perfect in each details.

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Design service

  • Metric survey.
  • Preliminary drawings to discuss all the technical informations.
  • Estimation of all the design proposals.
  • Technical drawings to anticipate and evaluate every aspects of the project.
  • 3D models and renders, to define during the first design steps each details.
  • The more advanced technologies to give you the chance of doing a virtual tour inside your project.
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Everywhere you are, everything you wish

From the design beginning the requirement is to supply and guarantee an incomparable sale service in a best way possibile.
Everywhere you are, everything you wish, we can supply any products indoor and outdoor, furnitures and complements to make the environment around you more comfortable, elegant and beautiful.
Buying from us you can have all the advantage of shopping a Made in Italy product sell in Italy,  furthermore  you can always buy the best without troubles thanks to a special warranty.

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A global vocation with optimal performances

Interni wants to cultivate a global vocation, which guarantees optimal performance. To address this challenge, Interni relies on a internal logistics structure well structured and organized. 3 logistic centers, a “DASHBOARD” designed to preserve purchased pieces allocated into the stores with the utmost care, delivering them to any address by its own means or through dedicated couriers by air or by sea all around the world. Furthermore Interni loves to deliver in a safe way: for this every step of shipping is covered by a specific policy.

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Assembly and installation

Always with you

Every purchasing is delivered following a working schedule that refers to the various stage of assembly. The packages are specially-made for each typology of product, country and destination, they are marked to be identifiable from the outside. In this way the tracking process is very smooth and well organized to make easy and faster the installation. Our specialist team personally follow every step of assembly and installation or anyhow we can guarantee a remote assistance to your technician.

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Post-sales service

An accurate and attentive service

The Interni’s mission does not stop once the furnishing elements have been delivered, but it continues through the years, with an accurate and attentive post-sales service.
Whether it is assistance with repairs or additions to existing projects, all requests are managed with the utmost consideration and professionalism and services are provided promptly.

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