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Novamobili is a leading name internationally, a byword for product and service quality, always in step with a constantly developing market. Behind this brand is an important tradition, a specific philosophy, ongoing research and a true commitment to sustainable development. These are the values on which Novamobili’s global success is based.

research and innovation

The R&D department at Novamobili is of fundamental importance for the company; it is here in fact that brand new furnishing solutions and ideas take shape and are tested. An in-house team of designers and engineers, with the aid of cutting-edge software, follow the entire process, from creation of the first prototypes to feasibility tests on materials, manufacturing cycles, function and eco sustainability, up to approval and planning of industrial production.


Good air quality in the spaces we live in is vital to our health. As unbelievable as it may seem, the air we breathe inside a house can sometimes be more polluted than the air outside. The materials used to produce furniture, if low quality, can give off harmful volatile substances. All materials used in the production of our furniture are “Greenguard indoor air quality” certifi ed, namely adhering to the strictest international standard on chemical emissions: so you can enjoy living in a healthy interior.
Protecting your furniture while respecting the environment. Painting without polluting the environment is the objective they have achieved, by replacing solvents with water and using emulsifi ed resins in a water-based system. Lacquering furniture with water-based paints reduces the emission of polluting solvents by over 95%. Reducing solvents in water-based paints protects not only the health of those involved in manufacturing, but also of the people who live with the furniture produced.

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