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An idea first of all

Today Flos is an international company, organized to offer a full range of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps in the residential, commercial and (also custom made), for offices, hotels and shops.

The contract division assists architects with its know-how and his forty years of experience gained, not only as a manufacturer of tools, but also of lighting moods adapted to a variety of environments, from the museum, to the store, to the theater.

At the origin of Flos there is first of all a bright idea, the thought that a light bulb or rather,that from a new intuition to design artificial light, could be born objects that could change a bit the way of life of Italians.

A mix of simplicity, irony and lightness, combined with attention to the use, technology and new materials, which are the maximum expression in the lamps that have made the history of Italian industrial design.


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Flos - dettaglio

Flos Lighting


lampada Flos


lampada Flos


Lampada da terra Flos


Flos lampada da tavolo


Lampada da tavolo Flos


Lampada da tavolo Flos


Lampada da tavolo Flos