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Design Days @Pontaccio 0.1

The Kartell by Laufen store takes part in the initiative Brera Design Days, featuring a cycle of encounters, exhibitions and workshops on the theme “Design and innovation, between the digital and the territorial dimensions”

The program of Brera Design Days for 5 October focuses on Via Pontaccio, where the most interesting showrooms of the zone host talks and presentations in a distributed coordinated format.

The theme addressed at Kartell by Laufen, together with the designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba from PS+A Studio,  is the evolution of ceramics:  how innovation can transform styles, tastes and bathroom architecture.

 KbyL - evite workshop 5-10-16 v4

In the society of innovation, progress happens by leaps and bounds. It is almost impossible to keep track of all the new developments, improvements and steps forward in the world around us. Though some breakthroughs quickly become second nature.

The bathroom environment and ceramics represent one of the sectors that have benefited most from technological progress, and Laufen, in particular, has played a leading role, launching the revolutionary material SaphirKeramik in 2013, unique on the market at the time. Today, slim edges and slender forms have  become part of our collective imaginary – and SaphirKeramik implemented this trend in the bathroom.

Some evolutions are surprising, vividly perceptible, amazing… others are less showy, but just as important: this is precisely the case for materials and architectural spaces. The evolution of ceramics over the last three years has to do not only with technology and science, but also with materials and, as a result, styles and tastes. In the major efforts of research, study and application of new materials, the tools supplied by science have made it possible to create forms and characteristics that would have been unimaginable until a short time ago. One step at a time, these advances have changed our way of perceiving objects, our sense of aesthetics, and perhaps even our needs.

5 OTTOBRE 2016

h. 18.00 speech di Ludovica e Roberto Palomba – PS+A


Via Pontaccio 10


Participation in the event grants one course credit (CFP). Architects should request an attendance certificate at the entrance. 

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